About Shadowland

This site is primarily here to raise awareness and start discussions about disability-related issues, but may sometimes include ramblings about politics, psychology, or media, and perhaps the occasional poem.

I (the author) am Lilley Berrington, AKA WalnutShadow. I’d love to know your opinions.

Why Shadowland? Because I’m blind, so metaphorically live in the shadow. Also because it just sounds like a fun and mystical place to hang out.

Why the Wolfpack part? Because my circle of friends is called Wolfpack. Do check out other Wolfpack sites to read their insights.

A few rules of engagement:

  • Nondiscriminatory behaviour: Don’t be ableist, racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other thing you can be if you’re denigrating people from any group, unless the only distinguishing factor for that group is that they’re ableist, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, in which case, denigrate away, because such people suck.
  • No Harassment: Don’t stalk, threaten, constantly insult, or sexually harass people. Duh. Joking is appreciated unless it’s very distasteful, but be polite, and stop a behaviour immediately if someone has indicated that they’re uncomfortable with it.
  • Basic respect: Communication 101: Just don’t be a d***, kay?